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Italo News

04/08/2022 - 20:00:00


On Saturday 06 and Sunday 07 August 2022, due to upgrading works planned by the Rail Manager Infrastructure between Verona and Vicenza stations, some trains run through an alternative route and will not call at Vicenza station: Saturday 06 August &...


If your train is delayed by more than 60 minutes prior to your scheduled departure, or if it is cancelled, the following rules apply:

You are entitled to a full refund of your ticket for:
- The leg of the journey affected by the delay or cancellation
- The entire journey if you no longer need to reach your final destination. In this case, you can also ask to return to your departure point via the first Italo train available

Where you have a return ticket and the delay or cancellation affects your outward journey you can request a refund for the entire two-way trip or you can also choose to maintain the return leg. If the delay or cancellation affects your return leg you are entitled to a refund only for that journey.

You can choose to complete your journey towards your destination either:
- By means of a service replacement solution if offered, or with the first available Italo train
- By choosing to travel at a later date
If you experience a delay of between 60 and 119 minutes Italo will automatically compensate you 25% of your ticket price.
If the delay is greater than 120 minutes that compensation will amount to 50% of your fare.
You will receive notification of any compensation after seven days and no later than 30 days after the journey in question. You will receive a voucher or, if you are a member of Italo Più, you will be credited via your Borsellino Italo.
You will receive an email from Italo confirming the compensation and you can also check the status via the “Support” page of
Compensation is automatically paid to you within 30 days.
In order to ensure you receive it as quickly as possible, it will be paid via a voucher, Italo credit or, if you are a member of our Italo Più programme, via your Borsellino Italo. To check if your refund has been paid, simply go to the Self Service area of our website which you’ll find on the Support page. If you have a voucher, click on "Compensation Search" otherwise select "Check Your Italo Credit".
To check if it has been credited to your Borsellino Italo, log in with your user name and password and go to your Account Page.

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